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The Marriage Bureau


Do you want the spectacular wedding, with lots of guests, lots of planning and lots of stress? 

Or do you want just a simple and intimate Ceremony,  in a park or on the River or in the back garden with just close friends and family as guests.  This Ceremony is named “Short but Sweet” and it is especially for Best Friends and Lovers.


Susie can deliver just the perfect Ceremony. You have invited your guests to attend a Marriage Ceremony, so they expect more than just the Legal Content.    A Ceremony can be designed to suit your personalities.   The duration is 15 to 20 mins long. 


Short but Sweet Wedding Ceremonies are such fun.   A picture can be painted of their romance and how this has lead them to tying the knot.   A little bit of humour to entertain the guests is thrown in and maybe some information about the couple that is not well known but should be acknowledged. 


The guests are in no doubt that this is a couple in love, and that they have been invited to a Ceremony which will legalise the bond between them.  The legal section of the Ceremony is solemn and is performed with dignity and respect of the sanctuary of marriage.  Legal vows are said followed by the Personal vows which are optional or the couple may prefer to write their own.


So congratulations.  Susie would love to meet up with you and talk about creating a Ceremony just for you.  My fee for a Short but Sweet Ceremony is $450.00.


Meanwhile please enjoy a favourite Reading which is specially written for Best Friends and Lovers

The Marriage Bureau is located at a beautiful setting on the Swan River, with surrounding parklands, where marriages are performed outside, weather permitting or inside when the views can still be enjoyed.

The type of Ceremony is classed as an elopement style Marriage not a wedding.  This is an alternative to having a traditional wedding surrounded by family and friends and celebrating with a party after the Ceremony.


How it works is:

- an appointment is made with the Marriage Bureau.  This meeting is purely on a no obligation arrangement. 

- The couple bring their identification documents such as passports, (or birth certificate and photo ID such as a Driver’s Licence) and any dissolution papers of a previous marriage.  

- We complete and sign the Notice of Intended Marriage and a fee of $350 paid.

- Together we decide on a mutually convenient time and date for the Marriage, which must be at least 30 days in advance of the initial meeting. 

- On the chosen date the couple visit again with a witness each.  - A simple ceremony is conducted by an authorised Marriage Celebrant.  This will last about 5 minutes, then the Certificates are signed by the couple and witnessed respectively. 

- The application for the official marriage issued by the Birth Deaths and Marriage office can be made 2 weeks after the Ceremony.  (Earlier if required urgently)

I would be delighted to discuss this further with you.  I have a dedicated number for the Marriage Bureau and it is 0427 989099.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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