Upon confirmation a Booking Fee is required to secure the date.  Balance due one month before Ceremony. 


$250.00 Booking Fee to secure the date

Notice of Intended Marriage lodging included


Preparation of Ceremony, On-site Rehearsal and Delivery of Ceremony


$300.00 Due one month before wedding


Any additional expenses will be charged at cost i.e. Travel, Hotels and Meals


Refund Policy: The booking fee is non refundable. In the event of changes initiated by the Client (ie: changes to venue, date, time, or other details) which the Celebrant cannot accommodate, the Celebrant will endeavour to find a replacement celebrant and transfer the NOIM. Cancellation of Ceremony is refunded if at least one month’s notice is given.




Before your wedding I will arrange for the Notice of Intended Marriage Form to be lodged, which needs to be completed no less than one month prior to your wedding and is valid for 18 months.  Both of you are also required to sign a Statutory Declaration stating there is no legal obstruction to your marriage.


On the day:

On the day of your wedding, after you have exchanged your vows, you will both sign your presentation wedding certificate, the marriage register and a copy of your official marriage certificate. 



Two people over the age of 18, understand English and must be present to witness your marriage and sign the Marriage Register and certificates.



I will send to the Births Deaths & Marriages one copy of the marriage certificate within 14 days after your ceremony and all the relevant paperwork. 



Your Information:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Documents required when lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage Form: 

• Australian Born Citizen's - Original Birth Certificate, Photo ID and Australian Passport

• Non-Australian Born Citizen's - Overseas Passport



Also needed if the following applies:

• A Divorce Certificate or a Decree Absolute if you've been divorced

• Death Certificate (if you a widowed)

• All documents in a foreign language must be translated into English by an approved translator, with a statutory declaration from the translator. You can find a translator here; www.naati.com.au 

• If you were born overseas a passport must be sited, click here to download a form

• Under no circumstances may two people under 18 years of age marry each other, without relevant court approvals


• Important advice about migration - Australia's immigration laws offer visas to foreign people who are in relationships with Australian residents.  However, the rules are very complex.  Marriage does not automatically guarantee that your visa application will be approved.  You should seek legal advice about your personal circumstances.  Only a lawyer with immigration experience is qualified to give you the correct advice.

Your Details - .PDF

Notice of Intended Marriage Form

Elements of a Ceremony

Your Details - .doc

Music for Ceremony

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